Recap of episode 50 (week 10, episode 5) of Funassyi no...

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Recap of episode 50 (week 10, episode 5) of Funassyi no Funafunafu na Biyori. Funassyi hits…hot water!

Funassyi goes out to dig a planting bed for Ojisan, the owner of the pear orchard. But since Funassyi is so enthusiastic as usual, he keeps digging, and digging, and digging until he’s dug a really deep hole. Suddenly hot water comes shooting out! He’s found an onsen (hot spring) source!

In no time Funassyi has set up his own Nashi Onsen. The first guests are a mother-son pair of monkeys. Funassyi tells them that the water is very good for their health, especially their skin. Not only that, it erupts periodically, shooting them up in the air!


  • Macaque monkeys (called saru) are native to Japan, and you can see them running around freely in many locations. It’s also possible to see them enjoying a bath in a real onsen in some mountain resorts.
  • Onsen or hot springs are all over Japan, so it’s not too outrageous for Funassyi to hit a source in the pear orchard.

Recap of episode 49 (week 10, episode 4) of Funassyi no...

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Recap of episode 49 (week 10, episode 4) of Funassyi no Funafunafu na Biyori. 5 new pear fairies…??!

Some weird creatures approach Funassyi’s pear hut stealthily. As Funassyi steps out, yawning (he’s sleepy from staying up late and tweeting ) the creatures reveal themselves! They’re the Gonassyi brothers, quintuplet pear fairies. They all wear various kitchen containers on their heads, carry kitchen tools in their hands, and come in blue, red, green and orange, plus “shimashima” - stripes. They tell Funassyi they’ve come because they like him a lot and want to give him a gift! Funassyi is very surprised, but he smiles and greets the brothers. Shimashima, the striped one, bounces his brothers off and approaches Funassyi…and starts to pat him with a spoon. Funassyi mutters, “What did they come here for…?”


  • The “Go” of Gonassyi means “five”. So…5 new characters.
  • This was a very surreal episode. I don’t know what to make of Gonassyi…

Recap of episode 47 (week 10, episode 3) of Funassyi no...

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Recap of episode 47 (week 10, episode 3) of Funassyi no Funafunafu na Biyori. Guressyi challenges Funassyi to a duel!

Funassyi is happily playing his guitar (with a PET bottle, of course) one day when a piece of paper comes fluttering through the door. It’s a letter from Guressyi, challenging Funassyi to a duel! He is instructed to go to the big pear tree in the orchard. When he gets there, Guressyi says proudly that he has thought of a challenge like no other - they’ll dive into two big tubs of flour, to fish out a hidden nashidama pear candies! (Guressyi probably doesn’t get out much…) Funassyi says it sounds like fun and agrees to the “duel” right away, to Guressyi’s chagrin. Anyway they dive head first into the flour…when Guressyi realizes that he forgot to actually put the nashidama in there. He can’t say anything now, he thinks, so he and Funassyi keep diving into the flour again and again…

I had to skip a lot of great reaction shots from both pear fairies, as I do for most Guressyi Wednesday episodes.

Day 2 of the Gotouchi Chara Children’s Dream Festa In Shirakawa,...

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Day 2 of the Gotouchi Chara Children’s Dream Festa In Shirakawa, Fukushima was today, Sunday June 7th. There are tons of great photos, so I’ll be dividing them up into a couple of posts.

The crowds were huge (top photo)! Apparently more than 110,000 people showed up for Day 2, more than twice the number that came on Day 1. The Funassyi effect, perhaps…? The Pear appeared on stage with Funyassyi, his cat-shaped alter ego (see Funyassyi arriving in Shirakawa).

This is a clip from the stage show. Funyassyi actually talks a bit. Hmm…

The MC (Aicchy, Funassyi’s regular show host) tells the other characters to move to the back so that the audience can get good photos of Funyassyi…which is funny, but maybe a bit disrespectful to the other characters? In any case, they did all line up for a nice photo op in the end (bottom photo). From left to right the characters are: Barysan, Iisa King, Funassyi, Funyassyi, Chicchai Ossan (in a Funassyi outfit no less), and Kappa no Kotaro. All except Barysan are regular Friends of Funassyi; Barysan is too famous and busy on his own right, so it’s nice to see him with Funassyi again.

Photo sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

The “Radio Taiso” episode (see previous post) is a reference to...

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The “Radio Taiso” episode (see previous post) is a reference to this video that was posted in April 2014. Funassyi is doing Radio Taiso No. 1 - well, sort of - next to a professional trainer. Her movements are indeed Radio Taiso No. 1; Funassyi’s are a kind of variation. I believe this is Suit no. 1, with all its stains and dirt and the cobbled on feet. At the end, Funassyi says “Radio Taiso is so good for your health nassyi!”

Recap of episode 47 (week 10, episode 2) of Funassyi no...

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Recap of episode 47 (week 10, episode 2) of Funassyi no Funafunafu na Biyori. Funassyi does calisthenics!

Funassyi brings out a really cute (and rather old fashioned) radio-cassette player and announces he come up with a “Funassyi Radio Exercise” to solve everyone’s problem of not getting enough exercise. As Nyaossyi and Alpaca watch in amazement, Funassyi first takes deep breaths, filling up with more and more air until he turns into a balloon and floats up in the air…before deflating himself with a “pear juice bushaa!” He does forward bends that are so deep that he becomes a flat pancake, and when he twists from side to side his midsection gets twisted like a wrung out towel. And he jumps so high that he flies up way up into the sky! 


  • “Radio exercise” is a reference to an old-time Japanese institution, Radio Taiso, a short set of calisthenics that has been broadcast every day on NHK, first on radio and later on TV, since the 1920s. (I wrote a bit about the cultural significance of Radio Taiso here.)
  • The episode is also a reference to an episode in Real Funassyi’s life….see next post.

Funassyi has arrived in Shirakawa, Fukushima for Sunday’s event...

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Funassyi has arrived in Shirakawa, Fukushima for Sunday’s event ( previously ). For some reason he’s dressed as Funyassyi, the cat-character created for his limited time collaboration with the White Cat Project game. Or maybe it’s the ghost of Funyassyi…

Photo sources: 1 (Kapal’s Twitter), 2 (Funassyi). Kapal has also posted a short video of Funassyi…Funyassyi…walking in silence.

Funassyi to appear in The Last Cop, a police drama

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On the Thursday, June 4th airing of Guruguru Ninety-Nine, aka Gurunai, Funassyi announced that he...

A Nyaossyi stuffed toy is coming soon according to Nichitele...

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A Nyaossyi stuffed toy is coming soon according to Nichitele Service, who makes Funassyi’s anime series-related merchandise.

Funassyi and Hello Kitty Summer 2015 CollaborationFunassyi will...

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Funassyi and Hello Kitty Summer 2015 Collaboration

Funassyi will be teaming up once again with the  doyenne of licensed characters, Hello Kitty, for a series of limited-run merchandise this summer. The designs feature Hello Kitty dressed in Funassyi blue with a red ribbon on her front and a green leaf in on her head, and Funassyi in Hello Kitty overalls and a red ribbon on his head. The items will include stuffed toys, stationery, badges, towels and more.

To kick off this collaboration, Funassyi will be making several appearances at Sanrio Puroland, the Sanrio theme park in Tama New Town, Tokyo, on June 21, 2015. Besides appearing in the OMOIYARI TO YOU parade which starts at 1pm (Funassyi will appear briefly at the end of the parade) and a stage show at 5pm, he’ll also be working the cash registers at the special “Chara-register” in the Entertainment Hall Shop from time to time. Visitors to Sanrio Puroland on the 21st will all receive a Hello Kitty - Funassyi sticker (2nd image). Some of the  collaboration merchandise will be available at Sanrio Puroland from the 21st, before they are released to more retail outlets in July. 

This isn’t the first time Funassyi and Hello Kitty have teamed up. In Fall 2014, 3 Hello Kitty-Funassyi sticker sets, pictured below, were given out at Family Mart stores nationwide if you purchased some Pocky and Pretz snacks. A limited amount of merchandise, such as memo pads and such, with these designs were produced too. The selection of collaboration items this time around is much more extensive, so the earlier one must have been a success.

In any case, both Funassyi and Hello Kitty have been featured in many collaborations with other characters, so this one is pretty logical.

Incidentally, the copyright notices under each image really show the difference between a corporate character and an independent yuru-chara. Hello Kitty’s copyright notice says “Copyright 1976, 2015 SANRIO CO. LTD. APPROVAL NO. S561092“. Funassyi’s simply says “Copyright Funassyi”.

Sources: Livedoor News, Walker Plus, others

Day 1 of the Gotouchi Chara Children’s Dream Festa In Shirakawa,...

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Day 1 of the Gotouchi Chara Children’s Dream Festa In Shirakawa, Fukushima prefecture seems to have gone well, despite some rain early on. Funassyi is scheduled to appear tomorrow (Sunday, June 7th), although the exact time is not announced. (UPDATE: It looks like Funassyi’s stage show is scheduled for 9:55AM?! If you are going, it may be best to confirm that.)

More details about this event are in this post, if you plan to go!

Photo source: The official Facebook Page of the event

Recap of episode 46 (week 10, episode 1) of Funassyi no...

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Recap of episode 46 (week 10, episode 1) of Funassyi no Funafunafu na Biyori. Nyaossyi has a fit!

Hina and Hayato come to visit. They have a homework assignment to paint one of their friends, and they want to paint Funassyi. Funassyi is very honored, and after making sure his leaf is properly brushed he sits down on his bed to pose for them. Nyaossyi wants to join in too, but Funassyi shoos her away. Nyaossyi is having none of that! She promptly jumps on the table where the artists are working, gets some red paint on her paws and makes her mark all over their paper. They soon realize that Nyaossyi wants to be a model too, so the pear fairy and the cat pose together for Hina and Hayato. 


  • Schoolkids in Japan get a fair amount of homework, especially during school vacations, although probably not as much these days as in my day. (The desperate rush during the last few days of summer vacation every year were always stressful…)
  • I love Nyaossyi’s expression in the 7th screenshot!
  • Personal note: I’m back home, so I’ll try to catch up with this past week’s worth of Funafuna Biyori episode recaps over the weekend, not to mention a week’s worth of Funassyi news.

Multi hued, multi flavored handmade caramels. (These aren't too healthy either...

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Multi hued, multi flavored handmade caramels.

(These aren't too healthy either but WHO CARES ^__^)

I got yet another angry email today regarding this old post. It's amazing how it...

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I got yet another angry email today regarding this old post. It's amazing how it stirs people up. I guess I should wish I could do that all the time with my articles. ^_^;

ETA: Actually this time the email writer was angry at me for 'stating the obvious', and saying 'MSG was evil' (which I actually didn't - I said 'if you are sensitive to it, as a few people are, it's not good....) But in any case, the article is now 8 years old, and it's still the one on Just Hungry that draws the most ire from several angles.

Instant ramen and cup noodles are very, very bad for you | Just Hungry
Just Hungry is a food site dedicated to Japanese home cooking recipes for people living outside of Japan and healthy and delicious eating.

Strawberry Calpis

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Funassyi during the Gotouchi Character Festival In Sumida Ward....

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Funassyi during the Gotouchi Character Festival In Sumida Ward. (Source)

A rare Funagoro appearanceFunassyi’s little brother Funagoro was...

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A rare Funagoro appearance

Funassyi’s little brother Funagoro was introduced in the fall of 2014, at a press conference announcing the Funassyi no Meissyi (Funassyi’s Name Cards) series of collectible cards from Bandai. Although Funassyi is supposed to have 273 siblings, Funagoro is the only one (so far) to have a physical presence. Funagoro, the 56th sibling in the huge Funassyi family, is a pear and caterpillar fairy - he has a caterpillar tail sticking out of his backside, which can shoot silk thread. He has a green outfit instead of Funassyi’s blue one, has a high squeaky voice and ends his sentences with “nappii”.

Funagoro hasn’t made a lot of appearances so far. Besides the initial press conference, he appeared once in December on the Viking (Baikingu) daily noontime show with Funassyi. In his previous appearance on 笑神様は突然に - Waragamisama wa totsuzen ni (The God of Laughter Suddenly) which also aired in December, Funassyi mentioned that there were some “rights issues” that prevented Funagoro from appearing in pearson, probably with Bandai, even though Funassyi did own the copyright to Funagoro. (I love when Funassyi shows glimpses of the “real world” like this; it makes him more human - er, a more lovable pearson.)

Funagoro finally made another appearance on the most recent Waragamisama episode, which aired on Friday, May 29th. In the first screenshot above, you can see him holding a giant version of his Meissyi card. It’s possible (although this is just my speculation) that this was a requirement by Bandai for allowing Funagoro to be used.

There have been other Funassyi-variations, like Funyassyi, the character invented for the Shironako Project (White Cat Project) game. But Funagoro is supposed to be part of Funassyi’s family, so it makes sense for him to be used a bit more than he is. For example, Funagoro does not appear on the Funafuna Biyori anime series. Logically it can be explained that the anime series takes place at at time before Funagoro came to the human world, but the real reasion he doesn’t appear is because Bandai has some claims on him.

In any case, Funagoro did a great job on the Waragamisama show. He was extremely adorable, and even outshone Funassyi a bit in the cuteness area. He also managed to do some trademark Funassyi things like eat for real though his Illusion (the zipper on his back), and even showed he was up for a physical challenge by floating down a streaming pool on a 2-person tube. He’s no replacement for Funassyi though, because in the end Funagoro is just a character, while Funassyi is an all-around entertainer with a heart.

(I’ll post more Waragamisama screenshots in a few days, as well as some scenes from the Soremaji! Nippon show that aired on Sunday, May 31st - the one featuring Funassyi in a sailor suit. Have a great week!)

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