7 Jan 2007

A picture a day, day 6: Woman in Red

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010607-womaninred.jpgWoman in Red: colored pencil (Faber-Castell ColorGrip 2001)

This lady really stood out in the crowds of people doing their Saturday shopping in Zürich yesterday. In a town where most people wear blacks, greys and browns in the winter, she was wearing a bright red coat with a bright red hat. She wasn't that young or pretty, but she definitely drew stares - and smiles.

010607-womaninredsketch.thumbnail.jpgThere are more things around here in the sketch but I left them out and just left in the grey color around her.

I'm really not sure though about colored pencil. Maybe the paper that I'm drawing on is too slick (in a handbound book I made last year in our bookbinding class). This time I didn't want to bother with the big pencil set so I used the 12 color ColorGrip set that I got 2 years ago and have barely used. It's meant for kids, but seems to be nice quality.

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