5 Feb 2007

Pretty, pretty Mint v. 2.0

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Mint, the highly addictive web site statistics program from Shaun Inman, has been upgraded to version 2.0, and it's prettier than ever. It now has bar graphs that show historical stats and a host of nice original Peppers (the Mint term for plugins). Here are the new features. But perhaps more importantly for the design-conscious, the interface has been injected with doses of black in addition to the shades of pale green, making it much bolder yet sleeker. It's a pure pleasure to behold. Who thought that a stats program could be eye candy?

You might think, why do I need a for-pay stats program ($30 to purchase, $19.99 to upgrade) with free ones available all over? If you like pretty, and locally hosted (not remotely hosted like Google Analytics or Sitemeter), Mint can't be beat at this point. I only have it installed on Just Hungry since stats on my personal site are not that important for me to track (I get by with your basic Analog and Webalizer stats here), but I highly recommend Mint if tracking stats is important to your site.

(I'm in no way affiliated with Mint, just a happy customer.)

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